Can I have Picnics & BBQs?

You are welcome to bring your own picnic onto site, as long as you have your picnic in our picnic zone. This is located on the large grass area behind the main reception. You cannot have BBQs anywhere on site. This includes, the car park or anywhere on over at the holiday parks.

Where do I park?

Please follow the large sign at the entrance, which leads you to our car park. It is very hard to miss it! Do not drive down to the lake, this is only for disabled parking, staff and emergency access. Sometimes for security reasons the holiday park have to close the barrier, if it is closed please follow the instructions on the barrier to gain entry.

Do you have Disabled Parking?

Yes we do, when you arrive at the main entrance, instead of following the large Wild Shore sign to the right, please follow the main road to the left and follow our signs for the disabled parking. You can then park right next to the lake.

Where do I get changed?

But we have brand new outdoor changing cubicles, or you can get changed using towels and ponchos, like you would at a beach, or get changed at your car if you have your own wetsuit.

Do you have toilets on site?

Yes we do.

Are there lockers?

We have outdoor lockers with cleaning stations located next to them. You can use the cleaning product to give them a quick spray before you use one. They are also cleaned daily by an external commercial cleaning company and are part of our staffs daily cleaning rota. The lockers require a small padlock to lock them, bring your own, or you can buy one for £5 on site.

What is Private Hire?

Private hire means, you get the entire Aqua Park or Aqua Chimp all to yourself and your group of friends, family or work colleagues. There will be no other people on the park with you. You can book these online, via our booking website. Aqua Park Private Hire, £225, Max of 15 people (Available from the 17th May onward) Aqua Park Private Hire, £400, Max of 30 people (Available from 21st July onward) Aqua Chimp Private Hire, £450, Max of 30 people (Available from the 17th May onward) Hire & Paddle Private Hire, £240, Max of 16 people (Available from the 17th May onward)

What is the minimum age?

Aqua Park, age 6 and above (6 and 7 years olds must be accompanied by an adult, 1 adult to 3 kids). Aqua Chimp, 8 and above. Wakeboarding, 6 and above. Open Water Swimming, age 13 and above. Learn 2 SUP, age 8 and above. Hire & Paddle, age 8 and above.

Do children have to be accompanied by an adult?

All children aged 6 and 7 must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over) on the actual activity with a ratio of 3 children to 1 adult. All children aged 8 to 15 must get signed in by an adult at check in, but then the adult can chill on the beach and drink coffee :) On main lake, under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the lake.

Should one deep clean carpets or choose a carpet cleaning service especially in a city like Dubai?

It is Cleantel Dubai’s recommendation to clean carpets as often as possible, or at least twice a year. By choosing Cleantel’s carpet cleaning you can help restore the overall color of carpeting as best possible (depending on wear and tear). A business or a homeowner realizes how dull and gray their carpeting has become over the years only once they have those rugs shampooed and cleaned by a professional such as our Cleantel carpet cleaning experts at Dubai.

Does shampooing ruin carpets?

Shampooing of carpets has benefits such as this particular cleaning method is performed by a professional can kill most mold spores as well as mildew, algae, and other contaminants before they spread and become a health hazard.

Another advantage of a carpet shampooing cleaning procedure is that it can possibly remove air pollution residues, preserving the air quality of your home or office in Dubai. With so many advantages, it quite clear that shampooing is a good practice to maintaining your carpets be it a residential property or a commercial one.

How often should your carpets be cleaned?

If the carpet is for a home with kids, Cleantel carpet cleaning experts in Dubai recommend getting the carpets cleaned every 4 to 6 months. You opt for this regular service from Cleante, you're assured that your little ones can play in a clean and safe environment. Another tip for your parents out there is regular vacuuming and cleaning that could help get rid of juice stains, ketchup, muddy paws, and coloring paint in between your regular Cleantel carpet cleaning sessions.

While on the other hand if the carpet is in more heavy traffic carpet areas like offices or stairways in the vibrant city of Dubai then it is highly recommended to opt for more frequent cleaning. Cleantel’s deep carpet cleaning service is advised every three to six months to keep the carpet in the best condition possible.

What are the benefits of carpet steam cleaning over other carpet cleaning services?

The process of carpet steam cleaning entails using hot water and high-powered extraction that restore matted carpet fibers, as well as its nap, and creating a softer feeling underfoot. Once the nap is restored it quite easy easier to clean with your home’s vacuum or at the office, so that daily cleaning is more effective overall!

By using steam cleaning carpets, this process loosens ground-in dirt and debris and reaches residues at the base of carpet fibers.

Another advantage of carpet steam cleaning kills most mold, mildew, algae, harmful irritants, and any organisms from carpeting and its underlying padding as well.

Another advantage is that the carpet steam cleaning helps kill most bedbugs, dust mites, ants, and other insects burrowed in your house or commercial carpets.

Steaming or high-powered extraction pulls up most carpet dents left behind by heavy furniture as well as worn areas created by doors and heavy foot traffic in the best way possible.