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Cable wakeboarding is one of the world’s fastest growing watersport, using an overhead cable which pulls you over the surface of the lake with a feel similar to surfing or snowboarding but on water.


Wakeboarding is one of the most inclusive extreme sports and we guarantee if you don’t get up in your first session, you get your money back! Whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete beginner, the Wild Shore team will be able to help. 

WildShore Delamare’s staff are fully trained and qualified IWP Cable Operators and will give you the very best 1 on 1 instruction.

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Just completed your obstacle standard or just looking to shred and learn something new? Cable 1 is the perfect cable for you!


With a range of obstacles from entry level to advanced we guarantee there is something for you. The picture to the left is how we have cable 1 set up. 

Buy our Pay&Wake session below or look into our bundle deals, to book into Cable 1.

SINGLE LESSON £18 (15 mins on water)

Our Single Lesson session consists of 15 minutes of riding time on the water, fully instructed by Wild Shore staff. Whether you are a complete beginner looking for a taster session or an experienced rider looking to simply get out on the water and start shredding, the Pay&Wake session will be tailored to your needs.



Our Cable 2 is the perfect paradise for beginners. With no obstacles to get in your way, you can work on all your surface skills in peace. 

Cable 2 is also shorter, making it easier to communicate with your coach.

Learn2Wake sessions can ONLY be booked onto Cable 2. Once you have mastered your Obstacle standard, head over to Cable 1 to keep progressing!

DOUBLE LESSON £30 (30 mins on water) 

Beginner Lesson

Our Double Lesson is an introductory session into wakeboarding for all ages (6 yrs +) and abilities. The entire session will be led by our instructors and include a dry land lesson, safety briefing and two 15 minute sets in the water. 


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5 session for £80

(5x, 15min sessions) 

10 sessions for £140

(10x, 15min sessions) 

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