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Want a perfect way to spend a party day? Look no further than Wild Shore Delamere. 


While we don't offer set party packages, we have some great options and recommendations of how to build your perfect party. Below we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding parties and big group days out.



AQUA PARK- Our Aqua Park sessions are perfect for mixed ability groups and for big run arounds. With our minimum age of 6 it means our aqua park is suited to most individuals. Sessions run every hour on the hour and are 50 minutes long. Sessions are £22pp with kit included. All you need to bring is swimwear, a towel and a padlock. ​


AQUA CHIMP - Aqua chimp is perfect for individuals wanting a challenge. This floating obstacle course is a mix of rope and metal challenges. Sessions are every half past the hour and are 50 minutes long. It costs £22pp with kit included. Individuals would need to bring old trainers, swimwear, a towel, and a padlock. ​


RINGO - Ringo sessions are a perfect way to extend your day. Sessions are booked per Ringo, rather than per person. A session costs £30 for 15 minutes, accommodating up to 9 individuals during this time. For larger groups we would recommend booking consecutive Ringo sessions. ​


PARTY SHELTER- Our party shelters are a perfect base camp for bigger groups. Our shelters are long undercover picnic benches seating around 18 individuals. You can also decorate your party shelter, but please note the car park is a one minute walk away. Reservations are £15 an hour from the time booked. ​​


Aqua Park and Ringo combination. Our aqua park sessions are every hour on the hour. We would recommend booking your Ringo for 15 minutes past the following hour. For example 12pm Aqua Park, 13:15 Ringo. (One Ringo session can take up to 9 people, meaning you may need to book more than one session)


Aqua Chimp and Ringo Combination. Aqua chimp sessions are ever half past the hour. We would recommend booking a Ringo session from half past the following hour or quarter to. For example 12:30 Aqua Chimp session followed by the 13:30 or 13:45 Ringo. 


Party shelter. We would recommend booking this the hour before or after your main booking. 




Please ensure you have fully read through the booking confirmation email. If you didn't receive a booking confirmation email please email as soon as possible.


We ask that all individuals arrive half an hour before your session start time to ensure you have a chance to check in at reception, and get changed into kit. If in doubt leave earlier than needed, and treat yourself to a coffee at the Wild Shack!


Every individual going in the water will need a waiver completed under their name before they arrive at site. These can be found on your booking confirmation email or in the top right hand corner of our website. 


Please bring layers and warm clothing as we do not have showers on site.



The Wild Shack is a lovely café on the shoreline of our park with a balcony facing our wakeboarding cables, as well as our aqua chimp and aqua park courses. It is perfect place to refuel and refresh. This is a separate business to ourselves and more information can be found by emailing

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