Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP as it is widely known) is a new, super fun way to explore WildShore Delamere with your friends or family.


We provide a number of different SUP sessions from Pay&Paddle tasters which give you the freedom to simply get out on the water and start having fun to our more in depth Pay&Explore sessions, which are  fully guided, taking participants on a scenic journey around our stunning lake. 

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to explore the our beautiful surroundings or have a drag race with your friends on the Monster SUP, we will have a package that suits you. Please get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your options.



This takes place in our fully sheltered SUP Bay, which gives perfect conditions for learning and improving. 1.5 hour fully instructed Learn 2 SUP lesson. This is ideal for beginners or anyone who wants to hone their skills and fully understand the safety and paddle techniques of SUP. Our fully qualified instructors will make sure you have an epic time and learn the SUP skills. 

Learn2SUP Session Time






£110 per group (up to 6 participants), 1.5 hour session, Minimum age 8. 



Want to hire a SUP board and have some fun? Hire & Paddle is perfect for you! This takes place in our new paddle zone, the paddle zone is located in the middle of the lake, giving you all the space you and your friends need to play, learn or chill! These sessions are great for Birthday parties! Sessions are up to 2 hours long and can take up to 15 people. Hire & Paddle sessions are perfect for parties, you can privately hire* the area and play on our JUMBO SUPS! The Pay & Paddle is aimed more at fun games and parties. We have an instructor supervising you from the dock, this instructor is able to give you advice and a small amount of coaching before you enter the water.

*For private hire of Paddle zone please email


Hire&Paddle Session Time






(No 4 or 6pm sessions on Wed or Sun due to OWS)

(No 10am session on Sat due to OWS)

£20 per vessel (Includes SUP Hire), 2 hour sessions, Minimum age 8.



Our Self Launch sessions are for those of you who own a SUP board, kayak or any paddle craft and want to get on the water! These sessions are up to 2 hours long, and are un-supervised, this means you are out on the main lake on your own. We do have a rescue boat and procedures in place, but please be aware, these sessions are not instructed or guided. YOU MUST HAVE A PHONE ON YOU WHEN YOU ARE ON THE WATER, YOU MUST ALSO HAVE OUR EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER IN THAT PHONE - 07415001924


The sessions are from 10am to 8pm*.

7 days a week.

*6pm session onward subject to day light hours and OWS sessions. 

Any participants U16 must be accompanied by an adult. 

£10 (per vessel) with your own equipment. Maximum 2 person per vessel. Minimum age 6 (MUST be accompanied by an adult on the board at all times).

Before entering the water staff will let you know where you can and cannot go. Having a phone with you is mandatory and staff will ask for you to put our Emergency contact number in your phone before entering the water. This is in case of an emergency. 


Participants must;

  • Be able to self rescue

  • Swim 50m unaided

  • Paddle upwind

  • Have adequate paddle technique 

  • Have previous paddling experience and have the ability to paddle 500 metres unaided. 

  • Wear a leash and buoyancy aid at all times

  • Be physically fit 

  • Be confident in open water 

Medical Conditions - Any medical conditions or physical disability must be declared at the time of booking and, in any event, prior to the session commencing.