Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP as it is widely known) is a new, super fun way to explore WildShore Delamere with your friends or family.


We provide a number of different SUP sessions from Pay&Paddle tasters which give you the freedom to simply get out on the water and start having fun to our more in depth Pay&Explore sessions, which are  fully guided, taking participants on a scenic journey around our stunning lake. 

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to explore the our beautiful surroundings or have a drag race with your friends on the Monster SUP, we will have a package that suits you. Please get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your options.



This takes place in our fully sheltered SUP Bay, which gives perfect conditions for learning and improving. 1.5 hour fully instructed Learn 2 SUP lesson. This is ideal for beginners or anyone who wants to hone their skills and fully understand the safety and paddle techniques of SUP. Our fully qualified instructors will make sure you have an epic time and learn the SUP skills. 


Mon: 10:30am & 3pm

Tues: 10:30am & 3pm

Wed: 10:30am & 1pm & 6pm

Thurs: 10:30am & 3pm

Fri: 12:30pm & 2:30pm 

Sat: 10am & 2:30pm 

Sun: 10am & 3:30pm


£25 per person, per 1.5 hour session. 


This takes place in our fully sheltered SUP Bay, which gives perfect conditions for learning and improving. They are a 1 hour session. Please note, this session does not take place in the main lake. If you are a complete beginner we recommend that you attend the Learn 2 SUP session, before you book the Pay & Paddle Sessions. These sessions, allow you to hone you skills, practice and have a load of fun on the SUPs in a super sheltered and safe area. We have an instructor watching over you all, who is available to give you advice and coaching when you want.  


Mon: 1pm 

Tues: 1pm

Wed: 3:30pm

Thurs: 1pm & 6pm 

Fri: 10:30am

Sat: 12:30pm & 5pm

Sun: 6pm 


£15 per person, per 1 hour session 

£10 with your own board 


This is 100% epic! Our 2 hour, fully guided tour of the main lake, gets you out of the SUP Bay and enjoying the freedom of our stunning fresh water Delamere Lake! Our guide goes with the group to show you around the lake and offer you advice and instruction as and when you need it. The SUP & Explore is also a fantastic place to meet and paddle with like-minded people, so it is a great social! You should have past SUP experience and be confident on the board, before you attend a SUP & Explore.


Tues: 6pm 

Fri: 6pm

Sun: 12:30pm 


£25 per person 

Coming Soon


Delamere Lake is a beautiful fresh water lake that is a paddle sport and small sailing boat enthusiasts dream! These sessions are 2 hours long, and are un-supervised, this means you are out on the main lake on your own. We do have a rescue boat, trained staff and a rescue system in place, but please be aware, these sessions are not instructed or guided. 

You must attend the safety brief at the start of the session (e.g. you can’t drop into a session half way through, etc) 


The sessions are from 10am to 7pm*.

7 days a week.

*6pm session onward subject to day light hours

£20 per person, per 2 hour session 

£10 with your own equipment 

You will listen to a safety brief to start, and then let loose on our stunning lake. You can use the main lake, with your own equipment or with our SUP boards. As you can imagine, we can’t just let people pay and let lose on the water, we have to make sure it is safe and you are at an appropriate standard. Before you can use the main lake, you must do one of the following: 


  • Attend one of our SUP & Explore Sessions

  • Show us a certificate from a past SUP course you attended 

  • Hold a Mid Cheshire SUP Membership Card - get one here


Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

01606 655 536 

Opening Hours

Site is currently closed - reopening 4th July


Delamere Lake Sailing & Holiday Park, Chester Road (A556), Oakmere, Northwich. CW8 2JL

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